1. What is the best frozen product for you?
First of all, you need to know what items you are refrigerating or freezing. Generally, the refrigeration temperature of vegetables is 2-8 degrees. In the fast food industry, the storage time of vegetables must reach the temperature in a short time, and the set temperature of the equipment is generally 1 -4 degrees, the cold storage temperature of pork is 0-4 degrees, the cold storage temperature of beef is 0-4, the freezing temperature of pork is -15, and the freezing temperature of beef is ≤-18. In general, refrigerators and freezers in commercial kitchens are separate and have dual functions, but they are not practical. Secondly, according to the storage requirements of your goods, choose suitable refrigeration and freezing equipment, such as puffs, pastries, etc., must be air-cooled, not direct-cooling equipment, to avoid the generation of condensed water. For high-end tea and the like, do not even choose equipment, otherwise, it will bring you losses. Third, you must choose equipment from professional manufacturers. Don't choose some so-called brand goods. Brand goods are generally large-scale goods, which are more practical, but they are not very targeted. SYMBOL is a factory with more than 15 years of professional experience in the production of refrigeration equipment. The company not only sells products, but also provides a complete set of professional solutions for your kitchen and shops. The company’s comprehensive technology and top-of-the-art design are yours best choice.
2. How to save your equipment cost?
The prerequisite for cost saving is to choose the right products, and you will get twice the result with half the effort. SYMBOL believes that 1. Choose products that are suitable for local climate conditions, rather than rashly choosing the most expensive products. Take the northern hemisphere as an example, such as the high temperature of the southern seaside. The hot and humid climate is very different from the climate of the seaside in the north. When choosing products, you can choose tropical equipment with climate type T in the south, and it is not necessary in the north, but because the condensed water evaporation tank is collected by the sea, both must be If the North also chooses T-type equipment, it will be a waste. Choosing ST is enough. 2. SYMBOL believes that the configuration of the product can be selected, for example, non-main spare parts can be selected domestically, which can save you a lot of costs. 3. If your kitchen is air-conditioned or has constant temperature air-conditioning, although you are in various climate types, ST is basically applicable. 4. The foam layer of the product is very important to the energy saving of the product itself. The foam layer with suitable thickness and the foam layer with suitable density are one of the keys to realize the refrigeration performance of the product. SYMBOL provides foam layers suitable for different needs. To meet the needs of customers, from 35mm to 70mm, the density is 40kg/m3
3. What does the so-called profession mean?
Professional, first of all, understand the storage standards of different foods, and have all the solutions, and second: meet the standards of professional hygiene. SYMBOL products comply with NSF standards and have German LFGB certification.
4. Customization and selection of refrigeration products
Many customers need to customize refrigeration products of different specifications due to the restriction of the kitchen location. SYMBOL can do it for you. Since our company was established, we have customized OEM for top European brands. It is definitely your reliable choice.
5. Density and refrigeration of foamed materials
The environmental protection requirements of foaming materials must meet local requirements. Companies with social responsibilities will definitely lead people to a healthy and environmentally friendly life. SYMBOL insists on using C5H10 as foaming materials, and insisting on a density of 40kg/m3 guarantees environmental protection and cooling performance. key
6. Product matching in commercial kitchens
Commercial kitchens often have different partitions, requiring a complete set of products that can be satisfied from platform cabinets, tall cabinets, chest of drawers, refrigeration and freezing functions. SYMBOL has more than 400 kinds of products for you to choose from, and there are many Product appearance to match your different designs. Especially suitable for cooperation and common development with innovative design companies.
7. Choice of tall cabinets
The tall cabinet is mainly to maximize the use of space. The use of direct freezer and air freezer is very different. In order to maintain the humidity of the product, it is recommended to use a direct freezer, but when the storage method is a box, you can actively consider using the air freezer. The cooling speed of the freezer is fast, the cooling is even, and it can reach any corner. Most of Europe will use air-cooled cabinets. In terms of cost of use, although air-cooled cabinets are more expensive at the time of purchase, usually the cabinet will continue to be used. Even if the refrigeration system is completely damaged, it can be replaced. Once the refrigeration product is found to leak, basically the whole The machine is about to be scrapped.